Social Media

The 2017 March for Science

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I joined the national committee for the March for Science in late January, just as the movement was exploding on social media. I co-wrote the social media strategy for the main march in Washington D.C., as well as a strategy and social media best practice guidelines that were distributed to more than 600 sister marches around the world. After assisting with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram management, I transitioned to my current role as a partner contact liaison for the official March for Science blog.

2016 Social Media Election Coverage

While working on the social media team at the New York Daily News, it was my job to help oversee content pushed on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I also helped organize our calendars, pitch new creative video and Snapchat stories, and cover events using social media. Finally, I collected data to help the team analyze where we should go next in our strategy.

My highlight working at the Daily News was unquestionably the coverage I helped lead of the 2016 Election. This included live-streaming rallies, protests, and political commentary live from our studio the night of the election.

Using Photos and Social Media to Tell Stories

Named an Emerging Photographer by Fujifilm in 2015, I was awarded a scholarship to the Palm Springs Photo Festival in April. I spent a week with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) flight at March Air Force base in Riverside, CA. This was a difficult setting to photograph because of the sensitive nature of the job. Working with photographer Ron Haviv, I photographed portraits of the IEDs and shrapnel on Instagram as an illustration of the work that these individuals do. The essay can be found with the hashtag #EODportrait.

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The Toilet Tourist

This Instagram account and hashtag (#BathroomsIveBeen) documents varying levels of privacy and sanitation for people around the globe. I began the account while I was living and working in South Africa because I kept hearing stories of local women being sexually assaulted or murdered on their way to use the bathroom at night. Please visit it here.Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.16.54 AM

Past Internships

During my time at The Big Issue South Africa, I helped assist in overseeing The Big Issue’s social media content on all platforms. The Big Issue SA reaches more than 15k people in South Africa and abroad. I worked to develop ideas that expand community outreach and online engagement, like the Big Issue Vendor Series, available to view in the video section of my portfolio. I launched The Big Issue SA’s YouTube, Google+ and Instagram accounts, and assisted in managing existing platforms through Buffer.

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